Killer Whales in Captivity

When I was a kid I saw a Sea World style Killer Whale show in a aquapark in the South of France. Now i’ve always loved animals and therefore zoos and aquariums. I went and thoroughly enjoyed the day, I was staggered by their size, beauty and presence. A guilty feeling was there over these huge majestic creatures being kept in small enclosures for the entertainment of humans, but truthfully all the positive emotions of actually having the opportunity to witness this animal, did overpower the negative feelings.

Recently I watched the film Blackfish, which is one of the best documentaries i’ve ever seen and I thorougly recommend. The film definitely details the killing of a Sea World trainer a few years ago and definitely has a negative view of Orcas in captivity. It made me feel much more guilty and well informed about the selfishness of humans to put these fantastic creatures through their captive lives purely for our own amusement.

You really should take the time to watch the film Blackfish.

killer whale orca

killer whale orca


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