This is for all you Sea Dogs out there, this is crammed full of interesting reads about Fishing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Spearfishing, SUP, Surfing and anything else on or around the water.

Petromax Hobo Stove BK1 Review with Freshly Caught Mackerel

    Summer is definitely the time for fishing and we’ve certainly been making the most of the good weather and doing so. We’ve been fishing almost every day, both from the shore and on the water off our kayaks. In my opinion, although harder to launch from and way more prone to big swell, the North Coast is always the best place to kayak and fish from. It’s always a lot more productive fishing wise and the epic scenery…

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Kayaking Gear Review – Tribord Rash Vest, Towel and Keen Sandals

  Vicky here again – with a post for the ladies! We have been non-stop this year, making the most of the glorious weather and the beautiful location right on our doorstep. Being outdoors and in the water so much has meant that we’ve needed the right gear that suits this. Here are a few reviews of stuff i’ve been using. Tribord Ride Women’s Jungle UV Rash Vest Top I love the Tribord Ladies UV Rash Vest. It is really…

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How To Cook A Freshly Caught Sea Bass Easily

  Having caught your first bass, working out what to do with it can be a tricky thing. The jubilation of all your hard work coming together and you landing a bass is one of the best feelings out there. However, after you’ve put the poor chap to night, the question “What now?” is at first a tricky one to answer. As I tackled my basstastic catch yesterday, I thought back to my first bass and thought it would have…

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Summer Holiday Week One – Lyme Regis, Paington, Ultimate Adventure Centre

    If you were to ask most teachers what their favourite part of their job was, I’m positive they’d say it was the altruism and how it’s a platform to make a positive impact on the lives of kids. Personally, I also love the people I work with and how constantly funny the children are, such a rewarding role. However, high up on every teacher’s list of their favourite parts of their job must be the holidays, in particular,…

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The Hoop by Kipsta and My New Sport SeaBall

    My friends and I are lovers of unusual missions and adventures and any idea like “I wonder if we can do this?” is always met with a response of “challenge accepted!” So when I spotted an ingenious invention on the Decathlon website (now one of my most visited websites apparently!) we had to get it and have a go. The sporting creation in question is a portable basketball hoop simply called The Hoop by Kipsta.   Basically, it’s…

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