This is for all you Sea Dogs out there, this is crammed full of interesting reads about Fishing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Spearfishing, SUP, Surfing and anything else on or around the water.

White Water Kayaking Essentials

  Whether it’s rivers or surf you’re into paddling; there are just some pieces of gear that you can’t do without! Here is my brief run down of what I always pack into the van. What makes kayaking in white water so fun is that it’s thrilling and a little bit dangerous. In order to minimise the risk and maximise the fun, most of this gear is designed to keep you safe and dry when you’re out on the water.…

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Fatyak Kaafu – Kayak Review

  I’ve recently added a new kayak to my quiver, in the form of the Fatyak Kaafu. I’ve bought it as it’s a perfect all rounder and it’s great to have as another kayak for my girlfriend or mates to take out. It has loads of great features and is a really awesome kayak. Here is why: At almost 10 foot, the Kaafu is an excellent size; big enough to paddle quickly in varying conditions and to have loads of…

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Bluffing Your Way Through The Surfing Scene

  Last month I wrote about the book I had just read; The Bluffer’s Guide To Beer, I really like it, it was both funny and informative. In fact I liked it so much that I decided to get another one of the books in the series. There are quite a few interesting Bluffer’s Guides but the one I went for was their Guide to Surfing.   I’m pleased to report that the Guide to Surfing contains all the features…

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Surfing with O’Neill Mutant Split Toe Wetsuit Boots

  There is no getting around it, at this time of year it’s pretty chilly in the water. However as with most things there is an upside, the waves can be be better and quieter. So it really is swings and roundabouts! To get over the chillyness I always glove, hood and bootie up in the winter. My old pair of booties have done a fantastic job over the last few years but unfortunately I’ve had to retire them. They’ve…

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Wetsuit Hoods – Where Is Your Head At?

  This time of year is cold. Especially so if you are a surfer. The sea is cold. The wind is cold. The rain is cold. Everything is cold (even the inside of your van)! That is why you’d be crazy to go into the water at this time of year without a hood. It’s said that around 45% of your heat is lost through your head, so without a hood you are going to get some serious brain freeze!…

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